About Us

Heat Smart Plus (HSP) roots for alternative energy solutions began in 1989 as an official business. As the company grew and it’s mandate broadened to include many types of alternative energy–geothermal, wood, coal, hydronic heating, waste oil boilers, solar energy, radiant in-floor heating, Saber grills, etc. Our Mission Statement includes that we increase the mainstream use of renewable energy technologies and safe sustainable energy practices.

Hereby Heat Smart Plus Inc. (HSP) will:

  • provide high-quality alternative energy heating and cooling products to our customers.
  • support initiatives that inform and educate our customers in sound environmentally and user-friendly alternative heating and cooling options that are efficient, reliable, economical, viable, earth-friendly, and of course provide you with savings.
  • listen to our customers’ heating needs and concerns, enabling HSP to provide solutions that are the best value.

Guiding the HSP mission is our values and commitment:

  • To provide a safe and positive work environment in which the consumer can be educated in alternative heating energy.

  • To source out and provide customers with the highest quality product with the best value available.

  • To conduct ethical business practices.

Anyone can sell you a piece of equipment, but can they service it also!

Heat Smart Plus Inc. has a complete line of equipment –excavators, drilling rigs, a fleet of trucks, installation equipment. Heat Smart Plus Inc can do your whole installation–there will be no delays waiting on other contractors or rental equipment.

It may be of interest to note that the president of Heat Smart Plus Inc. was interested in alternative energy as a very young child. His goal was a business where products and systems that utilize alternative energy sources like wind, solar, and ground heat are more readily available to a wider range of people…until they are commonplace in our lives.