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Heat Smart Plus
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Heat Smart Plus is an interesting and innovative place to visit and find information on alternative heating sources.

Are you looking for a Barbecue?!  We have some of the BEST brands in the business including Saber, Green Mountain Grills and Primo Ceramic.

Perhaps a natural gas, wood, propane fireplace or stove?!  Any of these will keep your home warm without electricity.

This can be a great benefit in the event of a prolonged power outage.

Have you ever wondered about geothermal, hydronic heating, or would like to chat about installation or do you need parts for your system?

Heat Smart Plus is also the North American distributor for the Portage And Main line of outdoor boilers, many of which can be seen right here in our showroom.

Visit Heat Smart Plus and speak to someone from our knowledgeable sales staff who would be HAPPY to help!

GMG Daniel Boone

GMG Sticker Draw

Thank you so much for all your interest in our GMG sticker draw.  We had an awesome response and stickers went very quickly.  We will be drawing fairly soon for the GMG Smoker, so good luck to everyone who purchased stickers, and for the people who missed this one, no fear, we are drumming up another contest.  So please contact us on Facebook to let us know:
Would you like to see a Saber Grill raffled, or another GMG Smoker with accessories? Again, good luck to everyone.
We’ll be doing another contest soon – The interest was outstanding!

Take care & be safe,

Brian Martin and staff at Heat Smart Plus

Sticker Draw Results

Congratulations to our previous winner of a Saber BBQ.  Dave travelled all the way from Lloydminster to pick up his new grill.

It was a pleasure to meet him – Happy grilling Dave!


Good luck to everyone entering the next round, which will be even more rewarding, by offering you your choice of a Green Mountain Prime Jim Bowie pellet grill, plus $500 worth of accessories, or a four-burner black Saber grill with side element. 

Be sure to check out the advantages of the Saber grill

David, winner of first sticker draw