Heat Smart Plus

Solar Energy

The sun provides more energy in one hour than the entire world uses in one year. With the use of Solar collectors we can capture and utilize some of this free and abundant energy. The prairies are the sunniest region in Canada. Saskatchewan in particular enjoys the most hours of sunlight than other areas in North America.

Harness the suns energy to increase your energy independence. Solar thermal systems operate cleanly and quietly to produce hot water to either supplement current systems or provide you with an independent alternative. Solar thermal solutions provide efficient solutions to heat hot water. The hot water produced can then be used for domestic hot water, heating pools, spa’s and more. For an average household 12%- 17% of total energy consumed is used to heat hot water.

  • Typical solar thermal solutions are comprised of:

    • Solar Collectors – such as Evacuated tubes

    • Hot water storage

    • Pumps and controller

Scientists have determined that virtually all of the earth's energy originates with the sun. Stop in at Heat Smart Plus to see our solar thermal options, and start using the sun’s energy to reduce your energy costs.