Heat Smart Plus

HSP Installations

Consultation–We will do this with you:

  • Consult with you regarding your heating and cooling needs and expectations. Discuss your existing or proposed residence or business.

  • Heat loss calculation for your building using ASHRAE Engineering Standards, and 20 year average weather data for your area.

  • Recommend the size and type of unit that will be best for your requirements.

  • Recommend the size and type of closed loop that best fits your site.

  • Estimate the water flow required for an open loop (well to well) system.

  • Estimate our energy cost for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

  • Compare your estimated energy cost with that of conventional equipment.

  • Provide you will a cost estimate for your installed geothermal system.

Sales-Our guaranteed price will include:

  • Heat pump ( furnace unit),auxiliary heater, thermostat, flow center, and filter,

  • Labor and materials for installation of your agreed upon closed loop.

  • Miscellaneous materials required to install your system.

  • All labor required to install and test your new WaterFurnace.

  • You can use your local tradesman for installation of high voltage electrical to your unit, and ductwork. HSP is able to provide complete installation including hydronic floors and HRV system. this can be included in your quote.

Installation-What we will do:

  • Co-ordinate all work with you or your contractor to ensure that work is done in a timely fashion.

  • Arrange for and supervise installation of your closed loop as agreed upon. Heat Smart Plus has a complete line of drill trucks, excavators, skid steers, etc that ensure your work is completely in a timely fashion–there is no dependence on other contractors.

  • Make arrangements for open loop installation is required.

  • Deliver and install all equipment included in our price quotation.

  • Install your low voltage wiring and thermostat.

  • Flush and pressure test your loop and furnace.

  • Installation of hydronic heating equipment as agreed upon in the sales agreement.

  • Run test your new geothermal unit.