Wood Burning For The New Age

The concept of burning wood has been around since the fire was invented, using it as a heat source to heat the home has been pushed to the side lines for quite some time buts making a comeback.

“Global Warming” and “Green  house effect” terms common to today are associated with the burning  of fossil fuels. People feel stuck to burning these fuels and cornered into paying whatever the supplier demands. But with rising prices of propane, oil and electricity people are starting to search for an alternative. It has become a trend to live environmentally friendly and fashionable to buy dependable long lasting products. Portage and Main Outdoor wood boilers are a  product whose outstanding quality and durability fit in with this life style.

For many years boilers where duped messy and were thought to require a lot of work but that is not true especially with the latest innovations. Outdoor wood boilers  are housed out of the house meaning any mess as a result from them is not easily brought inside the house. Having your boiler stationed separate from your house also clears up other concerns those who are thinking about wood burning may have, a major  one being safety. With an outdoor wood boiler kids are less likely to get burned as opposed to an indoor system as they are not in as close of proximity with it and if proper guide  lines are followed there is less chance of a fire and so insurance  costs go down. Another aspect that makes potential buyers reluctant  is boilers are believed to be a lot of work. This misconception is also not true. If you care for and operate your boiler properly using simple guidelines little maintenance is required. A boiler only needs to be fed twice daily where an indoor heat supplier such as a fire place needs to be stoked multiple times throughout the day.  If you would really like to simplify stoking your outdoor boiler you can also get models with a an automated feeder such as a wood chip or pellet  burner where all you have to do is flip a switch. Wood is an abundant and renewable resource which means it will never run out, you are no longer reliant on suppliers prices, and you know you can depend on your boiler to heat your home threw the coldest of weather without it costing you a arm and a leg. Our boilers have stood the test of time since 1973 with an  portage outdoor wood boiler you have one thing above all dependability.

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